Nucleus Gen2 Rifle

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  • Cartridge
    • 6mm Creedmoor
    • 6.5mm Creedmoor
  • Hand
    • Right

This combination does not exist.

Hand: Right

FFL and Delivery Time

Rifles must be shipped to a licensed FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee). Your order confirmation email will contain FFL shipping instructions. Rifle may not be in stock, please check lead time page before ordering. Payment is due at time of order.

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Nucleus Rifle

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

LOP Quick Adjust Extended

Length-of-pull can be adjusted in seconds by squeezing the yoke and sliding.  Shown in extended position.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

LOP Quick Adjust Retracted

Length-of-pull can be adjusted in seconds by squeezing the yoke and sliding.  Shown in retracted position.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

12 point, 1-1/8" wrench interface

Remove your barrel with just a receiver wrench and 1-1/8" box end wrench.  No barrel clamp needed.  (Some barrel contours may not include the wrench interface.  If not included it will be stated.)

Rifle Assembly at the Range



Nucleus Rifle Overview

  • Proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA

    • Trigger manufactured by our friends in Canada

  • Action: Short, right-hand Nucleus Gen 2 bolt action with 20 MOA rail  Nucleus Bolt Action >

  • Chassis: Xylo chassis  Xylo Chassis >

  • Trigger: Trigger Tech Special, curved black shoe

  • Barrel: American Rifle Company barrel design featuring 12 point wrench interface.

    • Button rifled, match grade, 25", 4.3 pounds

    • Barrel contour is similar to Marksman or Medium Palma

    • Barrel vise is not required.  Use 1-1/8" box wrench and American Rifle receiver wrench to remove barrel.

  • Rifle Weight: 11.3 lb (5.12 kg)

  • Overall length: 44.75 inches with length of pull at minimum

  • Compatible with AICS mags

  • Based on Rem700 footprint

Does not include (may be shown in some images)

  • Muzzle Brake

  • Magazine

  • Rings

  • Scope

  • Forward Optic Mount

  • Weight Kit

  • Bipod Mount


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