Bolt Head & Extractor, M5 Mausingfield

250.00 250.0 USD 250.00


  • Hand
    • Right
    • Left
  • Bolt Face
    • 0.378"
    • 0.473"
    • 0.535"
    • 0.588"

This combination does not exist.

Product Overview

  • Designed for use with the Mausingfield bolt action enabling caliber interchangeability.

  • Hardened steel bolt head with DLC for corrosion and wear resistance.

  • Hardened stainless steel extractor.

  • Proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Note: The 0.378" (223 Rem) bolt face does not reliably eject cartridges.  The Mausingfield ejector was not originally designed for a bolt face this small.  Do Not order a 0.378" bolt face if you are not ok with this.   We continue to sell them because customers requested a 223 bolt head.


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